Frequently asked Questions

How to create an ads campaign with ?

Generating an answer using artificial intelligence on the IA Tools by app is very simple. Once you are logged in with the 'Premium' licence.
Click on IA Tools (premium) in the Welcome menu.
Select the app of your choice.
You can use the purple "Example Input" button to help you.
Then click on the red button "Run App".
A word of advice: don't hesitate to request several versions and remember to save the results, as they are unique and non-reproducible. > More about, Video Tutorial

How to register ?

Go to the menu > Welcome > Register

Fill in the online form, and select your option

You find 3 options : Free, SUBSCRIBER Premium or Consulting

More about, Video Tutorial

How to login ?

Go to the menu at the top of this page and click on Login.
Then enter your Login and Password.
You must of course have previously obtained a registration validated.

It can take up to 24 hours to validate an account. It's done by human intelligence! Thank you in advance for your patience.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

You can find our terms and conditions following this link :


The innovative techniques used on the website for the design and operation of the tools made available to you with the "Premium" license give you power and responsibility on the following points:

1 - the loyalty and transparency of the data processing underlying the operation of these tools;
2 - the protection of publicly accessible data on the Web against the use of data harvesting, or scraping, for the design of tools;
3 - the protection of data transmitted by users when they use these tools, ranging from their collection (via an interface) to their possible reuse, including their processing by machine learning algorithms;
4 - the consequences on the rights of individuals over their data, both with regard to that collected for the learning of models and that which can be provided by these systems, such as the content created in the case of generative AI;
5 - protection against bias and discrimination that may occur;
6 - the unique security issues of these tools.

TERMS & CONDITIONS : Delipmy declines all liability in the event of use outside the law of the United Kingdom or any legislation applicable in the country of the end user. If you have a question, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ and ask us via customer support. We develop AI by placing humans at the heart of our work!

How do I contact you?

You can contact us using this form :

Which LLMs do you use on ?

We use on Delipmy, different releases of language model LLM (large language model) and AI library as OPEN AI GPT-3.5, gpt-3.5-turbo, gpt-3.5-turbo-16k-0613, GPT-3.5 16K, dalle2, leonardoai, open_journey, stable_diffusion, etc... The particularity of the answers offered on is to combine different LLMs to provide you with varied and optimized answers.

Do I have a long-term commitment obligation with the “Subscriber Premium” license?

No, you can stop your monthly subscription whenever you want by writing a simple email canceling your commitment to write [at]

Do you have a trial offer on the “Free” license?

Yes, just choose the FREE option when you register your profile. No hidden costs guaranteed.

Do you have a trial offer on the “Subscriber Premium” license?

Sorry No. We open your access to the PREMIUM licence upon receipt of your payment by credit card only or now with our commercial partner Solidity.Consulting

To have a free trial version, you can first choose the FREE option when you register your profile.

How can I pay for my 'Premium' subscription?

By credit card only, in Pounds £40.00 or in Euros €47 per month. We email you a STRIPE link to pay each month. Or now online, with our commercial partner Solidity.Consulting

What is

Solidity Consulting is our commercial partner, you can take out your subscription directly online by following this link =>

How can I subscribe to your “Consulting” offer?

Yes, simply subscribe using the Register button, without obligation for you, in order to contact us and provide you with a quote.
This "Consulting" offer requires a kick-off meeting and a quote, but be aware that this type of mission starts from £970 for an initial recommendation note adapted to your needs and expectations specific to your own business process.

What should I do if I encounter a technical problem? If I want to ask a question? Do you have customer support?

The 'Premium' license gives you access to our 24/365 support service by writing to support [at]