One-Day Training Program: Exploring AI and Prompt Engineering

This program (*) aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI, focusing on language models like ChatGPT and tools like Midjourney, along with practical skills in prompt engineering. The sessions are designed to be interactive and informative, catering to both beginners and those with some familiarity with AI.

Enhanced One-Day Training Program

Morning Session: 9 AM - 1 PM

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Introduction to AI and Language Models

  • Overview of AI and its evolution.
  • Understanding Large Language Models (LLMs) and their capabilities.
  • Reference: Discussion on "What is a Large Language Model?" from the document to explain the basics of LLMs.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM: Deep Dive into ChatGPT and Midjourney

  • Exploring the functionalities of ChatGPT.
  • Introduction to Midjourney and its unique features.
  • Example: Demonstration of ChatGPT's ability to answer complex queries, as shown in the "chatGPT – Scenario : Question-Answer" section.

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Basics of Prompt Engineering

  • The art and science of prompt engineering.
  • Understanding how prompts influence AI output.
  • Illustration: Use examples from "Prompt Engineering – Advanced Prompting" to show how different prompts yield varied results.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Practical Applications of Prompt Engineering

  • Case studies and examples.
  • Interactive session on crafting effective prompts.
  • Activity: Group exercise using examples from "Prompt engineer – Examples of Prompts" to create effective prompts for specific tasks.

Lunch Break: 1 PM - 2 PM

Afternoon Session: 2 PM - 6 PM

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM: Advanced Prompt Techniques

  • Exploring few-shot and zero-shot prompting.
  • Chain-of-thought prompting for complex problem-solving.
  • Reference: Exploration of "chatGPT – Tip : Few-Shot Chain of Thought" and "chatGPT – Tip : Zero-Shot Chain of Thought" for practical insights.

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Hands-on Session: Creating and Testing Prompts

  • Participants create their own prompts.
  • Group activity to test and refine prompts.
  • Exercise: Using the "AI LLM – Prompt Engineering Introduction" section as a guide, participants will create and refine their prompts.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Limitations and Ethical Considerations in AI

  • Discussing the limitations of current AI technology.
  • Ethical considerations and responsible AI use.
  • Discussion: Leveraging insights from "AI – What are the limitations of large language models?" to understand the boundaries and ethical implications of AI.

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Future of AI and Wrap-Up

  • Predicting future trends in AI and prompt engineering.
  • Q&A session and closing remarks.
  • Wrap-Up: Summarizing key learnings and reflecting on "chatGPT – Self-Consistency" and "chatGPT – PAL Models" for future developments in AI.


(*) This "One-Day Training Program" is available only on quote for holders of a 'Free' license or a 'Premium' license or a 'Consulting' license.

Monthly training of one hour per month

=> Holders of a 'Consulting' license can follow monthly training of one hour per month by following the program presented on this page. This training is carried out remotely via video conference on a fixed date. A recording of the conference is made available on request exclusively for holders of a 'Consulting' license.

We can organize training in your company or organization or remotely.

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