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Consult the table below for the detailed description of our applications and services available depending on the license level you wish to choose.

Detailed description of available applications and services

App & Services of Prompt EngineeringFree LicensePremium LicenseConsulting License
- Finance Generator
- Ads Generator
- Code checker
- Database on Artificial Intelligence
- Keywords Generator
- Tips for assessing skills
- Finance
- Obtain an Excel List
- Ads Campaign Plan
- Request Your Documents
- Photos and Images Generator
- Pictures collection HD
- Copywriter for Social Media and Blogging
- Design as an artist
- Photo HD
- Customer Retention Strategy
- SWOT Analysis
- Build Social Media Strategy
- Storyteller
- Creating a Brand Identity
- Generate Ideas of a text provided
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Generic recommendations to optimize your web content
- Identify KPI’s
- Content Corporate Powerpoint Generator
- Generic recommendations to optimize your prompt with - ChatGPT
- Visual Generator for Social Media
- Illustration for Social Media Easy Post
- Strategic planning recommendation
- Create logo mood inspiration
- Video script for a promotional voiceover
- Generate a summary from a URL
- Generate ads wording from landing URL
- Analysis of KPIs of an Ads campaign
- Marketing campaign
- Highlights the unique features of product or service
- Copywriter
- Photo
- Prompts ready to use
- Customer Support
- Four single-use guest passes per month
- Custom Made Prompts (3) for your business !
- Premium Prompts ready to use
- Customer Support
- Four single-use guest passes per month (more users on quote)
- AI Consulting : An artificial intelligence consulting service for your business
+100 pages : AI Resources (Consuting)Icon
- AI Resources (Premium)IconIcon
- AI Resources (Free)IconIconIcon
- General admission as member for one single-use guestIconIconIcon
- Friendly and available human consultantsIconIconIcon
- Refund guaranteed within the first 15 days.
- No commitment beyond one month, license renewal is monthly.
- Quote for One-Day Training Program: Exploring AI and Prompt EngineeringIconIconIcon
- Monthly training of one hour per month (Remote) : Training Program: Exploring AI and Prompt EngineeringIcon