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According to a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute, up to 30% of working hours could be automated by 2030. In practical terms, this means that 30% of work will be done by assistant robots powered by artificial intelligence. Today, the human worker in 2023 is already assisted by robots. Over the next 2 to 3 years, they will play an increasingly important role, depending on the job, leaving only very high value-added and strategic tasks to humans. offers two major solutions for your business or public or private organisation:

- The PREMIUM licence is a professional licence focusing on communication and digital marketing.

- The CONSULTING licence is a customised licence for your own business process and/or support functions.

At Philemonday Agency, we have scaled AI to all levels, from CRM to Big Data, via creativity and consultancy, or more simply to write emails, job descriptions, social media posts, for example. We work with a real concern for a controlled technology in order to protect ourselves from the many risks of misuse. In practical terms, this means we provide you with prompt, responsible consultants, capable of preventing the risks of data leakage and cybersecurity.

We will support you in the transformation to the scale of AI, to prepare the future of your company or organisation. write[at]

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